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Integrated access control security systems


"We make it all work together."

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Part of how we've grown is through the good will and satisfaction of our existing clients and customers. Spontaneously they have told friends, associates, family, and other businesses and organizations and institutions about us. As a result, we have continued to grow, and to grow more easily. We have always appreciated this good will, and this appreciation of our clients and customers continues. 

Recently we had a customer refer another friend of theirs to us for a complete residential security system. It wasn't the first time either. We ended up in this process providing a full system to this person who was referred to us. After it was installed they were so satisfied that they wanted us to provide a full system for their business as well. We gave this person 3 full months of monitoring service at noGlobe charge. They didn't ask for this, and this wasn't a price negotiation - we just decided to do it. We also gave the client who referred them to us in the first place 3 full months of free monitoring.  They didn't ask for this - again, we just decided to do it. Well, everyone was so very happy with this arrangement, including us, it was hard to describe. It was win-win-win everywhere you looked. With diverse clients (industrial, commercial, institutional, etc.) this exact provision (free monitoring) wouldn't be applicable to all situations. So, we invite you to inquire about how we could provide a win-win-win situation for you, for the good will that seems to naturally flow from the work that we do - helping people secure their world. Call us, email us, talk with us.  

Suggestions on referring others to us
Please, keep this process simple. Here are some things you could do:
1. Call us and give us the contact information for the person. We'll mail them a short letter, mention your name as the source of this contact, and include some company literature. If they wish to follow up and contact us, they may. Alternatively, if they have email, you can send us their email address, and we'll send them an equivalent email message and link it to our web site. 
2. Send them an email with this link [ ] and something like the following included in it:  

"We're really satisfied with our diversified security company, 21st Century Alarm/Data. They provide us with (whatever we do for you - security alarms, fire alarms, access control, integrated systems, data systems,  etc.) and we'd recommend them. I suggest you take a look at their web site at ... Let me know what you think." 

Whatever you want to say, but keep it short and simple. Whatever you think best. 

Who to refer? And for what?
Quick Glance - We serve:  Residential-Commercial-Institutional-Industrial-Government Markets
With:  Integrated Systems, WAN/LAN Systems & Data Cabling, Electronic Security Alarms, Fire Alarms, CCTV, etc.
Where:  Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana

To email us contact information for a referral, click here>>>>  REFERRAL

That's it. Thanks again, regardless, for your good will. Keep in touch. We'll make sure you get any possible credit. Please call to discuss any aspect.  

21st Century Alarm/Data (logo) - security alarms, security electronics, security integration. fire alarms, etc. - design, sales, installation, service - Ohio and Midwest States

21st Century Alarm/Data

aka 21st Century Integrated Systems

810 Main Street
Salem, Ohio 44460 USA
Telephone:  330-332-9743
Toll-free:  800-334-7479
Fax:  330-332-5528

21st Century Alarm/Data (logo) - security alarms, security electronics, security integration. fire alarms, etc. - design, sales, installation, service - Ohio and Midwest States



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