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Integrated access control security systems


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This is where we announce the most recent additions to our web site, as well as other news, changes, events, additions, etc. If you've visited us before and want to know what's changed, take a look here first.

 This web site is for you...
    Remember that. The purpose here is to serve clients, as well as prospective clients. Comments, ideas, and suggestions from you, or direction, are welcome. Tell us what you want or need here for reference on this web site. We're trying to serve you, but it is from our point of view. The more you can tell of what you'd like to see here, the better this will be for you, and for all. Win-win-win. How can we serve you, or serve you better? We're sincerely asking. We mean it. Something you like or don't like? Please let us know.  Thank you. 


  • You can pay for monitoring, service calls, purchases, etc., by credit card (see menu choice at left) AND you can do it on the web. "C.C. Payments".

  • Tired of video tapes, and all the hassle? We've gone digital a long time ago, so now you can record and store your CCTV images on DVDs and computer hard drives and feed images and data from remote locations, branch locations, multiple states, etc. Please inquire. 

  • New truck fleet:  New trucks have arrived and have been put into service, most being large, heavy duty Ford trucks used for installation and service. You may now see 21st Century trucks in Ohio, Indiana, PA, KY, and West Virginia. Every truck is fully equipped for installation and service challenges. 
    Growth and changes:  With the changes in our operations that have been evolving over the past several years, particularly with emphasis on system integration, some of our product lines have indeed changed. We've changed these to use equipment that is compatible with computer control systems using the internet, WAN and LAN systems, and all that goes with this. These have been particularly useful in multiple location operations, where data (this includes images) is transmitted from branches or satellite facilities to a central location. Look for these additions and diversifications to continue. These changes should be reflected (or soon will be) on various product/service pages of the web site. 
    Authorized Dealer:  Please see our product and service pages. There are updated with manufacturers we represent and use. These serve residential users and the entire spectrum of commercial, industrial, institutional, and government applications. 
    Electronic security has been going through a REVOLUTION, and we're one of the leaders. You should take a new look at the efficiencies of computerized, networked, integrated, multi-location controls:  security, alarms, fire systems, CCTV, access control packages. Integrated data systems spell time and cost savings, and put you firmly in control. Consider upgrades to your present systems - you just may find that they pay for themselves and then some. Talk to us. 


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21st Century Alarm/Data (logo) - security alarms, security electronics, security integration. fire alarms, etc. - design, sales, installation, service - Ohio and Midwest States

21st Century Alarm/Data

aka 21st Century Integrated Systems

810 Main Street
Salem, Ohio 44460 USA
Telephone:  330-332-9743
Toll-free:  800-334-7479
Fax:  330-332-5528

21st Century Alarm/Data (logo) - security alarms, security electronics, security integration. fire alarms, etc. - design, sales, installation, service - Ohio and Midwest States



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