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Integrated access control security systems


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FAQs - Frequently asked questions by clients and customers of all types, along with some questions and answers that are less frequent, but quite important. Subject in GREEN, Question in BLUE, the answer at 21st Century Answer.  

Q:  This is really a stupid question and I'm not sure I should ask...
21st Century Answer:
  The only stupid question is one that is NOT asked. If you want or need information, you want or need information - simply that. This is security, your security, so ask, ask, ask! See the other questions here. Add your own. Please. 

AC Power
Q:  What does "AC Power" on my keypad mean (or a power symbol)?
21st Century Answer:  In most of our systems it means that you had an interruption of your electrical power (power outage), and alerts you to this fact. Our emergency central station has received a signal that your power went out, and you reverted to battery backup so your system should work, regardless. As soon as your power is restored, your system switches back to being powered by your AC power. This signal frequently happens during a storm where there are temporary outages. Unless you have an emergency, please don't call us during a storm. If you have an emergency, call us. 

Q: Why don't the batteries on my security system last forever? 
21st Century Answer:  We don't know, but we wish they did. Batteries go dead. Things happen. That's life. And when they go dead, we'll replace them. With battery backup your security system works when the power goes out from any cause, and retains data and commands programmed into your system. Low battery signal? Call us, or we'll be calling you. 

Q:  Can't I use a battery I can buy at the store? 
21st Century Answer:
  No. These are special batteries designed for this purpose. These are available only through us and only for the systems we install. Please don't mess with the batteries - you can mess things up, and this can be costly. 


Q.  Now that I have a system, what is the most important thing to be aware of? What's the biggest risk now? 
21st Century Answer:  Complacency. Taking your system for granted. Not using it as it should be used. Not arming it, not testing it. Risk, Danger graphicFeeling secure even though you are not using your system. When nothing happens or seems to happen for a long period of time, becoming complacent can happen and plays into human nature, but don't let it! Arm your system. Test your system(s) regularly. If you get open close/reports or commercial reports, review them. If you record cameras, review the material. You get the idea. You don't know when something will happen, so it is wise to be prepared and to use the tools you have. Thank you for asking. And please feel free to review your coverage with us, call and ask us questions about your concerns, etc.  We're here to be of service to you. Use your systems. Rely on us to help you. 


Idea graphicReferral
Q:  I'd like to refer someone to you for a system and your services. And how best do I do this? 

21st Century Answer:  It's easy. Send us an email. Click here:  REFERRAL


System Testing
Q:  How often should I test my system? 

21st Century Answer:  This is difficult to answer as we have so many different types of systems out there:  security, fire alarms, access control, etc. We have some monitored systems that are checked by us daily, weekly, monthly, via phone lines. The best overall answer is this:  check your local system on a schedule after talking with us about your specific situation - the put it on a calendar for maintenance or other regular activities. Please call us to discuss your particular, individual situation. 

System Testing 
Q: How do I test my system? 
21st Century Answer:  Please refer to the materials that came with your system. Please see the answer to the question above. Please call us to discuss this if you have questions. We're here 24 hours a day, so feel free. 

Pre-Service Call Checklist
Q:  Suddenly my system isn't working - anything I can or should check by myself before I call you? 
21st Century Answer:  Yes. Go here to >>>> SERVICE (also, button, page top and bottom). 

Telephone man


Changes, Contacting 21st Century
Q:  When should I be contacting you? What changes should signal that I should call?  
21st Century Answer:
  Many situations call for this. Changes in your environment, in conditions, in planning, or another situational condition may affect your system, your security, or emergency response. These are important. Please note these and share these conditions or situations with others in your domain. IMPORTANT! Consider these in light of your situation:  commercial, residential, institution, industrial, etc. 

  • Changes in phone lines, service types, add-ons, e.g., getting DSL or ADSL, ordering "Call Waiting" or "Call Blocking", etc. Any significant change in phone services, please call. 
  • Interior changes, wall changes (interior walls), new windows, new doors, additions, or improvements.
  • Moving interior items that may change the configuration/coverage of various devices (putting in a room divider could block a motion detector, for example, or storage and stacking of items in an area that was formerly empty). 
  • New building(s), garages, storage facilities, etc. 
  • Contractors working in your facility or home, particularly when you won't be there or the facility is closed, overnight work, etc. 
  • New persons who will be using codes, visiting, staying, etc. 
  • When you go away, vacations, facility will be closing, closed for a period, etc. 
  • When you're planning on moving.
  • When the telephone company or an electrical contractor works on the phones, phone lines, electrical work that may affect communication (this is a rule - when the telephone technicians have been there, just call us). Also, please keep in mind or remember that we provide a full line of telephone systems, equipment, accessories - see main site for details. Modern, all digital systems.

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21st Century Alarm/Data (logo) - security alarms, security electronics, security integration. fire alarms, etc. - design, sales, installation, service - Ohio and Midwest States

21st Century Alarm/Data

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21st Century Alarm/Data (logo) - security alarms, security electronics, security integration. fire alarms, etc. - design, sales, installation, service - Ohio and Midwest States



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