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Integrated cctv camera securiity systems


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Basic Applications
What is CCTV? 
Covert Cameras
Application Examples
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Video surveillance systems
- security cameras help you to see...


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Security cameras for surveillance, video surveillance equipment, CCTV systems, DVRs and NVRs - digital and network video recorders - intelligent surveillance

OV Solutions, Inc. - OVS USAtypical solid state camera

Security integration, remote viewing and monitoring for security, management, and control:  multiple locations. OV logo

Here we feature our leading security camera systems and video surveillance equipment manufacturers, so please inquire.

We are committed to providing solid surveillance and recording systems and peripherals to our customers. Our product line can handle legacy CCTV infrastructure as well as IP camera integration. If you have a need for analog today and digital down the road, you simply add licensing to bring IP cameras into the mix.

     We'll make sure the product selected is right for you.
With our design and integration tools we can assist you in system design. We make sure you have enough processing power, compatible cameras, and adequate system storage to record and keep your video.

      CCTV...a matter of vision

Pelco, Crest (logos), other mfrs., CCTV, monitoring, closed circuit television, remote viewing, CCTV cameras, CCTV, monitors, CCTV lenses, 21st Century Alarm, Ohio and Midwest States


viewingcamera outdoors

recording, documentation

prevention, deterrence


identification, evidenceElectronic Security Association member


multiple applications

MEMBER:   21st Century is a member of the ESA - Electronic Security Association & the ESA of Ohio

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Security camera lenses

The right lens gives the right view, and combined with a high definition DVR or NVR, excellent picture retrieval in the size that is functional.


OV logo

OVS systems are installed in:

•   Education: K-12 to Universities
•   Healthcare
•   Government facilities
•   Prisons/Jails and court houses
•   Manufacturing and process control locations
•   Retail: C-Stores, large retail, and banks.
•   Residential: housing complexes, and high end homes
•   Quick-Serve restaurants
•   Athletic complexes

Viewing surveillance camerasWe support over 60 IP camera brands and more than 1400 models.

We have over 20 years of digital video surveillance experience
•  Built in the U.S.A.

Our Mission:
•  To provide best-of-breed products in the surveillance marketplace. Allowing customers to embrace the convergence of IP video, legacy analog video, and HD-SDI technologies in a single system.
•  To offer the best support in the video surveillance industry.
•  Through leading edge technology, experience, relationships and support, we will provide video solutions for an evolving marketplace.

Our Solutions:

OVS is truly camera and technology agnostic. Our systems support over 2000 IP camera models, HD-SDI (1080p over coax) cameras, and analog cameras. All three camera platforms can seamlessly reside on a single system.

•  What is IP? – Here is a link to an IP camera manufacturer and an overview of the technology.
•  What is HD-SDI? -Outlines the benefits of using existing Coaxial cable to bring HD video to your systems.

OVS Company Profile
- Our Insight:

•  With over 20 years of experience in the digital video surveillance industry, OVS is committed to the success of your business. We recognize that we exist for you --our system integrators and your customers. We are dedicated to exceed your expectations and focus on your technology needs.

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Quality Products:

•  We target; retail, education, healthcare, municipal, manufacturing, hospitality, quick service and banking industries.
•  OVS offers a full line of CCTV products with a primary focus on providing DVR’s-HVR’s-NVR’s-VMS's and peripherals.
•  The open architecture of our systems and industry compliant design of our products defines the reliability our customers have come to trust.
•  Every one of our systems comes out of ISO 9001 certified facilities.
•  Systems and peripherals are intended to provide customers with compatibility across platforms.

Innovative Technology Solutions:
•  While focusing on solutions for you and your clients, we keep our eyes towards the future. We and our partners are constantly striving to deliver the next generation software and hardware solutions to you before it becomes yesterday’s technology.

In House R&D and Proven Process:

•  With decades of experience we understand what features you need. We respond to customer needs and offer specialized solutions at the right price point. Our quality standards are our trademark. OVS consistently exceeds our customers' expectations and requirements for on-time delivery of quality products and support.

Contact us for more details and to discuss the advantages of an OVS system - Contact us

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Serving the MIDWEST for large systems - FASTEST service to our localized market service areas in Ohio & PA

OHIO County
& City Areas
  • Carroll

  • Columbiana

  • Geauga

  • Harrison

  • Jefferson

  • Mahoning

  • Medina

  • Geauga

  • Portage

  • Stark

  • Summit

  • Trumbull

  • Tuscarawas

  • Wayne

  • Akron

  • Alliance

  • Cadiz

  • Canton

  • Massillon

  • Carrollton

  • Chardon

  • Kent

  • Ravenna

  • Lisbon

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  • New Phila.

  • Salem

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  • Youngstown

Western PA County-City Areas
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  • Sharon

Closed Circuit TV, security cameras      
cctv camera

GENERAL DESCRIPTIVE BACKGROUND INFORMATION                                     

     Small, powerful. security cameras allow you to see remote areas on a CCTV/video monitor located in 1 or more locations.  See interior and exterior areas without being there, from monitoring a parking lot, front or rear entrance, hallway, cashier station, sickroom, garage to covert cameras, etc.  All video surveillance images are or can be recorded onto a special, security digital  video recorder which allows easy video retrieval and longer record time.

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Security Camera/ CCTV / Video Surveillance Equipment and Systems for Management, Control, and Security

A typical dome cameraWe provide:   most all major brands of video surveillance equipment
in Color Systems and Black & White

  • Overt and covert security cameras (hidden cameras) and recording/viewing systems - not broadcast or studio cameras, but video surveillance cameras. 

  • Closed Circuit Television Systems for remote viewing, recording, documentation, evidence, identification, and remote access. 

  • Design and installation of security camera/video surveillance equipment/CCTV systems, optionally integrated/interfaced with security alarm systems, access control systems, etc.

  • Small, simple systems, to 100 + digitally multiplexed camera and recording systems with complete control systems, interior and exterior systems. 

  • Security camera lenses/CCTV for any type of view and application, plus a full range of equipment:  CCTV security cameras, lenses, monitors, switchers, time lapse VCRs, digital storage DVRs, video surveillance control systems, and complete accessory equipment and systems. ALSO, remote viewing.   

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    Contact us anytime you have questions on any aspect - Contact us


         Intercoms permit voice communication to multiple areas, and can be combined with CCTV, security cameras, and access control systems for control, safety, and security.  We provide custom design and modification solutions for complex applications and projects, or simple applications.

    Basic Application Examples:  Notes and Perspectives on CCTV

    It's simple really:  Many people think that CCTV is complex. It can be, the technical part, but the applications and the everyday use of it are not. In fact, it can very easy, very simple. 

    The main feature:  What does a closed circuit television system do for you? It allows you to view something from another location, something that otherwise you would be unable to see. Your "eyes" can "be", so to speak, in two places at once, or 10, or 100. You can also record anything that the camera can see (VCR, Time-lapse VCR, DVR, NVR, over internet). With remote transmission, you can view something that is miles away, such as a second store location, a warehouse, etc. In terms of an application, the main question is, "What do you want to see?"  That is the central question. The rest is details and installation and set up. What do you want to see? And from where? [ back to top ]

    Overt and Covert Cameras:  Overt cameras, cameras that are in plain view, tend to change behavior - a person acts differently when they know they are being observed. This is called, I believe, the Greenfield effect, from social sciences, that behavior that is known to be observed is "changed" behavior. In this sense an overt camera system can provide deterrence to wrong doing, depending upon the application. If you want to provide deterrence, such as to deter theft, overt cameras can help. A hidden camera, a covert camera, won't have this effect. You use a hidden camera when you want to catch someone doing something, and evidence and recording and documentation may come into play, as well as law enforcement and other legal aspects. If you want deterrence, put the cameras out in view and post signs, etc. If you want to catch someone, use a hidden security camera system. 

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    Contact us anytime you have questions on any aspect - Contact us

    Some Applications:  Each situation and operation is unique, so these are general or more common examples. Again, the question is, "What you want to see?"

    Some examples overlap types of applications. 

  • Residential:  security camera at a door with an intercom (and/or remote control open/close - lock-unlock). Allows the door to be answered, to see who is there, to check credentials, hold a conversation without opening or unlocking the door, and to do so without exposing yourself to risk. Allows the door to be unlocked from a remote location where the monitor/intercom are situated. 

  • Residential:  security camera/intercom on sick person (or baby's room) allowing checking on someone and communicating without actually going there, up or down stairs, etc. 

  • Residential:  video surveillance camera at a remote driveway entrance (similar to first example) where the entrance is distant or out of sight of the house. 

  • Retail:  security cameras on checkout, interior locations, high value items, rear or remote doors, etc. 

  • Commercial/industrial:  video surveillance cameras on interior stock area, warehouse, remote doors and gates, parking lots, outside stock areas, access to particular areas, entrance areas, etc. 

  • Governmental:  security cameras on entrances, process areas, courts and courtrooms, booking areas, jail cell and other areas, parking lots, etc., particularly valuable for recording and documentation.  

  • Institutional:  video cameras on hallways, entrances, exits, parking lots, etc. 

  • Industrial:  video surveillance cameras and recorders on time clocks, process areas, particular machines, production lines, stock areas, entrances and exits, etc. 

            What is your application?

    Contact us anytime you have questions on any aspect - Contact us

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  • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) / Video System/Service SUMMARY:

  • Security cameras/CCTV /video surveillance equipment systems installation and service to applicable code specifications

  • Security cameras/CCTV /video surveillance equipment system design

  • Security cameras/CCTV /video surveillance equipment systems Sales

  • CCTV /Video System Monitoring, 24/7/365 (as applicable),
         LOCAL, Complete, Modern Central Station

  • CCTV /Video Surveillance System Service

  • CCTV /Video Surveillance System Maintenance, Inspection, Testing

  • CCTV /Video Surveillance System Upgrades, new technology

  • CCTV /Video Surveillance System Integration (as applicable)

    CCTV applications are innumerable. What do you want to see? 

    For more information on CCTV security cameras and video surveillance equipment and systems, services, please click here or see below>  Contact Information

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21st Century Alarm/Data (logo) - security alarms, security electronics, security integration. fire alarms, etc. - design, sales, installation, service - Ohio and Midwest States

21st Century Alarm/Data

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21st Century Alarm/Data (logo) - security alarms, security electronics, security integration. fire alarms, etc. - design, sales, installation, service - Ohio and Midwest States



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