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Access controls, access control systems, biometric access control, card access controls systems, electronic access control, integrated security systems:


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     Note: We feature only our  leading manufacturers here
   for which we are
Hirsch Electronics, Isonas, and DMP are quality manufacturers
of leading edge access control.


Hirsch Electronics, Isonas, DMP
Access Control Systems


Simplicity - 1 to 1,000 + Doors - Ease of Use - IP - Cat 5 - Integration with Existing Systems Possible - Complete Management - Lower Costs - Geo Distributed
State of the Art Software - Excellent Security Integration


Access Control Systems...leagues beyond keys


Access Control Systems, featuring (logos) Hirsch, Bosch, Code Access - 21st Century Alarm/Data, card readers to proximity readers and biometrics, Ohio & Midwest States    Access control lets you control, monitor, report, and manage access to one location or to multiple locations [also, see Integrated Systems], ranging from controlling a single door to thousands in multiple facilities.  Access control is a great management tool that enhances safety as it protects valuable assets, both tangible and intangible.  We offer a wide range of access control services and capabilities to all commercial, government, and institutional customers, including keyless entry, entry/exit identification, event history, access levels, etc.


Access Control Systems, featuring (logos) Hirsch, Bosch, Code Access - 21st Century Alarm/Data, card readers to proximity readers and biometrics, Ohio & Midwest StatesThe High Security Access Control Solutions Provider:  Access Control and Security Management Solutions

    Hirsch Electronics Corporation manufactures high security systems that control human access to property and information.  Hirsch provides a full line of high security technology from a ScramblePad single door system to an enterprise-wide network connecting hundreds of doors for thousands of users. 


Hirsch equipment



The Hirsch Difference

      Heightened security for employees, assets, and corporate knowledge creates a more productive workplace. Turnover decreases, costs drop, and those who would take advantage of your company's assets will seek easier targets elsewhere.

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     Most access control systems restrict entry by time of day, day of week, and door accessed. Access is granted when the user presents the correct card, keypad code or both. However, with Hirsch DIGI*TRAC systems, virtually any card can be enrolled in the system. You are independent of any one card technology or vendor. Selecting the Hirsch ScramblePad® provides your company with a higher security, lower cost, feature rich reader technology. Even where card readers provide primary access control, the ScramblePad can function as a remote control or programming terminal for DIGI*TRAC controllers for a complete, low cost system without a PC. In cardless systems, any ScramblePad can serve as an access reader and/or a programmer's terminal. ScramblePad gives you the power to:

  • Add & Delete User Codes

  • Assign Unlock/Relock Codes

  • Assign Mask/Unmask Alarm Codes

  • Add & Delete Control Codes

  • Add & Delete Holidays

  • Add & Delete Time Schedules

     Hirsch DIGI*TRAC controllers are standalone access control systems that support secure ScramblePads, MATCH™ intelligent reader interfaces, high security alarm monitoring, and control relay outputs. Every controller is modular, expandable and upgradable. Expansion boards add alarm circuits, relay outputs, communications to a PC or printer, and memory for more users, events and alarms. For consistency and completeness, every DIGI*TRAC controller uses identical firmware so premium features and functions present no hidden costs. If later versions offer new features, firmware is replaced without replacing your controller, wiring or other system investments. In order to maximize reliability, Hirsch incorporates standby batteries for both memory and system operation, an internal international power supply, socketed door control relays, fused power and keypad/reader terminals, a heavy duty NEMA-style enclosure, a high security lock and a tamper alarm. Connected locally or by Hirsch phone lines to a Hirsch Host PC workstation or server, DIGI*TRAC controllers provide an enterprise-wide access management solution.


Contact us for more details and to discuss the advantages of a HIRSCH system - Contact us


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Biometric Fingerprint Reader Advantages

     Biometric solutions have the following advantages over card access control systems:

  • A higher level of security   

  • Offers absolute, “Positive Identification”   

  • No card replacement (worn, lost, stolen or damaged)  No reader head wear from high usage 

  • Varied levels of administration

  • Lower system administration costs

  • PIN plus password for special situations

  • Duress capabilities for emergencies

  • Retrofit for high-level security areas

  • Remote upload capabilities

  • High throughput rate (no cards to search for)

  • Ease of enrollment

  • Greatly reduced possibility of security being compromised

  • User friendly

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For more information on access controls or biometrics, please click here or see below>  Contact Information

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Looking for HIRSCH PARTS? We supply HIRSCH Parts nationally
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21st Century Alarm/Data (logo) - security alarms, security electronics, security integration. fire alarms, etc. - design, sales, installation, service - Ohio and Midwest States



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